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The acclaimed ‘Why not Scotland’ Film comes to the Glenkens – 6th June @ 7.30pm

Pine marten (Martes martes) in flowering heather, Cairngorms National Park, Scotland.

Struck by the depleted state of nature in her native Scotland, Flo journeys around Europe, where she encounters a different story, finding places where nature is making a dramatic comeback. Inspired by a sense of hope and renewal, she is prompted to ask: if this is possible elsewhere, then why not Scotland?

The latest feature-length documentary from ‘Scotland: The Big Picture’ has been touring the country in recent months and is coming to the CatStrand on 6th June at 7.30pm.

As we stand at a vital crossroads in the future of our land and seas, ‘Why Not Scotland?’ explores the Scottish landscape through the eyes of Flo, a young Scot from Glasgow. Seeing the depleted state of nature across her own country, Flo feels dispirited and, like many of her generation, increasingly fearful about an uncertain future. However, on a journey around Europe, Flo encounters a different story, finding places where nature is making a dramatic comeback, revitalising human communities.

The film is 60 minutes long, starting at 7.30pm. A trailer can be seen here:

Book your free ticket by searching for ‘Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands’ or click here:

The event is organised in partnership between Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands, DG Climate Hub and Glenkens Community & Arts Trust.

McNabb Laurie from Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands said:

“It feels like we are becoming ever more aware of the biodiversity crisis we face – from the disappearance of species entirely through to indicators such as the lack of insects on car windscreens. The reasons for this are complex and can seem overwhelming. Films like ‘Why Not Scotland’ serve an important role in sharing examples of what is happening elsewhere and how we can be part of the solution.

Tickets are free and the film is only an hour long so feel free to bring a friend who might not normally attend an event like this. Join us on 6th June to travel across Europe, without leaving Galloway!”

Jenna Cains from the DG Climate Hub said:

“‘Why Not Scotland?’ is a very real question that deserves a very real response. For a country that sells itself internationally on wild experiences we have developed a very disunited relationship with the natural environment. In order to protect our landscapes, species, climate and ourselves, we must fix this. We hope this film will bring viewers hope and awe for what is possible and real in our neighbouring countries.”

Peter Renwick from Glenkens Community & Arts Trust added:

“This is a brilliant and thought provoking film. Its an important role of CatStrand to create space for community response, discussion and reflection on issues that affect us. We very much value working with DG Woodlands and DG Climate team to do so. Rapid Land-use change is very much a live issue, and Why Not Scotland outlines a way to address this.”

Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands is a new initiative seeking to support trees, habitats and the people that depend upon them across the region. Partners include Borders Forest Trust, Woodland Trust Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway Council and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.  For more information about Dumfries & Galloway Woodlands, follow the facebook or twitter pages, visit the website or sign up for the newsletter here:

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